Friday, November 4, 2011

Please Vote NO on I-1183

Last year over a million Washington state residents voted NO on I-1100, virtually the same bill as this years I-1183.  This year Costco is spending 22 million dollars to get this provision passed.  Determined Washington state residents are just an impediment to higher Costco profits.  There may be a case for taking Washington State out of the liquor selling business but not when the state has 9 percent unemployment for the 4th quarter in row.  In addition the prospect of mini-marts selling hard liquor, which the bill allows, will surely improve teenagers access to alcohol.  So Washington, whats important; teenagers or Costco profits?  Vote NO on 1183.

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  1. It is a SIN that this has now passed. Think of all the good and charitable organizations that could have been benefited by Costco's 22 million that they threw at this for their own greed. I just went down to my local Costco and canceled my membership. They didn't bat an eye or even ask why, they just handed me my $50.00. Please encourage all Washington residents who voted NO on I1183 to do the same. They may have won, but let's not further contribute to their mismanaged wealth.