faded nautica trunks

Perhaps the final Update heading was premature.  My snazzy new Nautica swim trunks have faded quickly just like the last pair.  Here what they look like after a couple of months of use.

 Near the end of October I received a complimentary pair of Nautica swim trunks to replace a pair that had faded very quickly.  These were great trunks and I was most pleased.  However, they have faded also.
They lasted until the middle of March, when they ripped while I was wringing the water out of them.  

My great new pair of Nautica Swim Trunks
This is what they looked a month after receiving them.  I visit a public swimming pool 3 or 4 times a week for about an hour of exercise.  The trunks have never  been washed. 
By now, I knew the replacement trunks were fading fast, so this photo is about 6 weeks after receiving the trunks.

This photo is just a few days over 2 months from when I received the complimentary swim trunks from Nautica.  The faded yellow and blue aren't bad, but the faded green, is close to skin color and looks gross.  I wrote to Nautica several weeks ago asking them why their swim trunks fade when none of my other swim trunks from other manufacturers have faded.  I've yet to hear an answer from them.   These were comfortable swim trunks and I enjoyed them until they started looking gross.  Maybe a couple more weeks of wearing them and the colors will completely fade?

The now ripped and 5 month old Nautica Swimwear trunks

***Final Update***
My new swimtrunks compliments of Nautica.
After using these new trunks for several weeks they have quickly become my favorite.
.  My friend Jay, teasing, wanted to know if I had joined an aquatic circus as a clown.  These trunks are great, unlike every pair of swim trunks I've ever owned these don't slip down below your navel.  Don't ask me how, but they do stay put around your waist.  They also have a fly, are lightweight and dry quickly. 

Customer Service sent me this new pair of Nautica trunks to replace the short lived faded pair.  Note that Nautica has a wide selection of swim wear, but not so much in the early fall.  Nautica customer service was easy and pleasant to work with.  Thank you Lisa and Nautica.

I received a very prompt reply from Nautica after they had received my faded swim trunks.  Unfortunately, I missed it in my box, and was looking up their Email to send an inquiry, when I found that they had responded almost a month ago.  They offered to replace the trunks with anything they still had in their catalog.  So I picked several options and am looking forward to a new pair of pool trunks.  So nothing but praise from me for Nautica and their excellent customer service.  I have a good friend who thought it was unlikely that Nautica would fix this problem, not mentioning any names (Jay). 

My wife purchased these bright yellow swimming trunks for me in February of this year for our trip to Hawaii. By May they were cream colored. I've sent nautica an email and a link to this page, hopefully they'll fix me up with a new pair of non fade bright yellow trunks. I have another pair of bright yellow trunks that is 4 years old and hasn't faded a bit. Someone goofed up here.

Hello Stephen,

Please accept our invitation to send this specific Nautica garment to us
for a performance review.

Nautica designs and distributes quality garments and stands behind them
with a performance review for up to one full year from the date of purchase
with a copy of your receipt from any of our retail accounts.  This term is
very generous by industry standards.  We offer this review directly to
consumers to supplement the return policies of the individual retailers
that sell our products.  Our goal for this review is two-fold:

1.      To replace garments illustrating performance concerns with new styles
from the current line.  We want you to fully enjoy your Nautica purchases.
2.      To share consumer performance concerns with the design and quality
control departments in an effort to continually improve our products.

This garment alone has been recorded in our data base and is authorized for
review.  Garments with performance concerns will be replaced with a similar
product from our newest line.  Garments damaged from wear and deviation
from the recommended care instructions will be returned in the same
condition as they were received.  Please mail your return to us at:

Nautica Consumer Relations Department
RA# 70011/Attn. L. Lovell
500 Nautica Way
Martinsville, VA 24112

Your Return Authorization Number is:  ******

Please print this number on the outside of the package as well as on a
letter inside the box with your name, address, phone number and brief
description of the garment’s performance concern.  It is imperative that
you put the Return Authorization Number on the outside of the box, so that
it will be directed to the Consumer Relations department upon arrival in
our facility.  We recommend that you send the package by an insured carrier
with a tracking service, because we are not responsible for lost packages.

Returned garments must be clean and free from any bodily fluids.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  We look forward to serving

*Nautica gift certificates have no expiration date and may be redeemed at
any of our Nautica Outlet Stores across the nation.

That is customer service, very nice and happy to receive a prompt and helpful response from the company.  Although, I was wondering how many of their garments are returned with bodily fluids.