How to Make Pie Crusts Easily and Quickly

  It's easy to make delicious pie crusts from scratch if you use saran wrap. Making pie crusts was always an exercise in patience until I discovered this method. My pie crust recipe:

2 cups unbleached, unsifted flour
1 tsp. salt
2/3 cup butter flavored Crisco
5 T water

Add the flour, salt and crisco to a bowl and then, thoroughly cut the shortening into the flour.  This takes some time if your using an old serving fork, (my method).  When the mixture turns into small little balls, your almost done.  I usually cut the shortening until most of the little balls disappear.  Then add 5 T of water gradually, while thoroughly mixing.  Soon, you have a clean ball of pastry dough.

Cut this roughly in half (not exactly), and select the largest piece for the bottom of the pie plate.
Measure out about 18 inches of saran wrap and place it horizontally on the counter and place half of your dough ball upon it.  Measure out another 18 inches of saran wrap and place it vertically over your dough ball.

Now your almost ready to start rolling, but first you need to slide the saran wrap and dough as a unit, to the edge of the counter.  This is so you can lean into the saran wrap and hold it in place with your body as you mostly roll away from yourself.  This keeps the dough and wrap from sliding while your rolling it. 

Then roll a little of the crust out and rotate the dough/wrap unit 1/4 turn, lean into the wrap extending over the counter and then roll some more.  After creating a 6 or 8 inch circle, the crust doesn't spread as easily, then I usually flip the dough over. You can also lift and reposition the top piece of wrap if your running out of wrap. I use a wooden rolling pin, because I like the light touch and control that it gives.  Quickly and easily, your crust will look like this.  Note:  this is a deep dish pie plate and the dough just barely covers it, especially since I like to really pack the fruit into the pies.  With a regular size pie plate, you'll have lots of extra dough hanging over the sides to create any kind of wonderful edge you'd like. 
the pie crust rolled out and ready to line the pie plate

Another advantage of the saran wrap method is that it makes it very easy to finish your pie.  You can place your pie plate over the wrap to judge if its large enough.  When the crust reaches the desired size, remove the top piece of saran wrap, and then drape it over the pie plate, with the plastic up.  No need to rush or hurry, the crust won't fall off, you can carefully center it, then with the plastic in place, press the dough firmly into the pie plate, filling out and spreading it to cover any thin spots.  Then just slowly peel off the saran wrap, holding onto the edge of the crust to enable a smooth start to the peeling .  Congratulations, half way done now.

Roll out your remaining dough, using the pie plate as a guide to the required size. 

Now fill your  pie shell with desired filling:
You'll notice that the dough is a little short on this side.  No worries, no one will know or notice and the pie will be perfect.  The top crust seals in the moisture.  Now remove the top piece of saran wrap from your last piece of dough and then gently drape the dough over the pie plate and filling with the remaining piece of wrap still attached.
You can easily slide the top crust around to get it perfectly centered.  Then while the plastic is still on the top crust, just press down all around to seal the pie.

Gently peel off the plastic and form your edge, poke some holes for the steam to escape then it's time for baking.
It's a lot easier using this recipe with a 9" pie plate.
This is a 9" pie plate, notice the crust more than adequately covers the plate.

Unbaked apple pie in 9" dish
Unbaked apple pie, with light dusting of cinnamon and turbinado sugar
Finished 9" apple pie

There is the complete, easy, frustration free guide to making pie crusts.  I've been using this method for over 20 years and it only takes me about a minute or two to roll out one of the crusts.  Hope this works for you and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.  Or you can send an email to my full name (visible at upper left of web page) at gmail dot com.