Saturday, December 31, 2011

This new poll by the Pew Research Center shows that Progressive is the most popular political label among those surveyed.  Progressive as defined by 

favoring or advocating progress,  change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters: a progressive mayor.
 making progress  toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.: a progressive community.
The 67% of Americans who view "progressive" favorably will have a most difficult time voting for Republicans.  Threatening to shut down the US government three times in one year is as far from progressive as you can get.  How about the Republicans in the Senate who have filibustered almost every single bill since Obama became president, so that the majority doesn't rule, it takes a super majority of 60 senators to pass a bill.  Republicans have also refused to confirm most of President Obama's Judicial Nominees, creating a real crisis in our judicial system.

If this poll is representative, then who will vote for the Republican party that wants the US to keep burning coal, natural gas and oil forever and have tried to kill every clean energy bill in congress.  Republicans, loved it when health insurance companies could stop paying benefits due to "pre-existing conditions" and they all want to repeal Obama care and place us all at the mercy of health insurance companies again.  Every Republican presidential candidate, except Ron Paul has criticized our withdrawal from Iraq.  Republicans want the war to go on and on.  Republicans have refused to even vote on the Presidents Jobs bill.  Republicans have refused to consider any small tax increases on the wealthy to pay for education or infrastructure.    It's fair to say that Republicans are resistant to change or to more favorable circumstances for the vast majority of Americans.  Republicans, the party of wealthy old white men, has tied itself to the shoestrings of the super wealthy elite and they are anathema to "progressive".   

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quote of the Week

But here’s the thing:  we need a President who will find jobs for the 24 million Americans who can’t find full-time work.  We need a President who will find health care for the 50 million Americans who can’t see a doctor when they are sick.  We need a President who will find food for the 48 million Americans who need government assistance to feed themselves.

You find me a President like that, and I don’t care if she is a left-handed, gay, differently-abled, Latino Mormon.  Or a Moslem, Buddhist, atheist, Protestant, Catholic or Jew.

I just want someone who can do the job.

Alan Grayson
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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Daily Bread

recipe and directions here
We are always amazed at how different each loaf of bread appears.  Each loaf, like a person's fingerprint is completely unique and although the recipe stays the same, the appearance is uniquely beautiful. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

 Every day, hundreds of thousands of students in Malawi sit on the floor to learn.
Today, that number has been reduced by 1, thanks to a gift made in your honor.
Learn more about Kids in Need of Desks and UNICEF's Schools for Africa, working to provide quality education for all.

My two sons both donated desks to the KIND fund for me as a Xmas present.  Thank you, boys! Thanks also to Lawrence O'Donnel who started the KIND fund. 

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Daily Bread

recipe and directions here
This sesame seed covered loaf was created by simply dusting the dough and the towel with sesame seeds before wrapping it up and letting it rise for two hours.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Restore the American Dream for the 99% Act

While 100% of the Republicans in the US House and Senate stand firmly behind the failed economic policies of the last decade, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has a plan that would work wonders for 99% of Americans.  If your tired of trickle down economics, failing infrastructure, weakening social safety net and the loss of our future through big cuts in education then you'll love the 99% Act:

From Rebuild the Dream, larger graphic here

Sign the Petition: "I support the RESTORE the American Dream for the 99% Act. " 

UPDATED Summary of the Restore the American Dream for the 99% ( 12/16/11 11:40 AM PST )
UPDATED One Pager on the Restore the American Dream for the 99% ( 12/16/11 11:39 AM PST )

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The Daily Bread

2012 Republican Red Meat

Red Meat: Vanity Fair's Official 2012 Republican Beefcake Calendar
There is a downloadable version suitable for printing

The Top 10 Worsts of the Repubican Party

 2011 was a busy year for the republicans.  They almost shut down the government 3 times, voted 3 times to end medicare, enacted laws against unions, women's health care, stymied the new Consumer Financial Protection agency, fillibustered a record number of bills in the senate and continued policies that protected the wealthy and big oil while ignoring the middle class.   Their biggest failure, trying to defeat President Obama instead of serve the American people isn't even on the list.  The DSCC has a poll which of the following do you think is the worst policy that republicans foisted on America:
  • Bring Back “Pre-Existing Conditions”: Health care reform is one of President Obama’s signature achievements. No longer can children born with health conditions be denied insurance. No longer can insurance companies deny care for “pre-existing conditions.” About 2.5 million young adults who lacked health insurance now are covered by their families’ plans. So what did Republicans do? Try to repeal “Obamacare” and put control back in the hands of insurance companies.
  • Kick Grandma Off Medicare & Give Her a Coupon: Republicans all lined up in favor of Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s extreme budget plan earlier this year that would kill Medicare as we know it and turn it into a voucher program. Thank goodness the Democratic Senate was there to stop them and keep our promise to seniors.
  • Hand Over Cash to Corporations and the Wealthy: Another part of Paul Ryan’s plan: Give huge tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy. While the middle class struggles to get ahead, Republicans tried to make things worse by reducing taxes on the wealthiest – and sticking everyone else with the bill.
  • Rip Away Workers’ Rights: When Republicans won the governorships in Wisconsin and Ohio, among other states, one of the first things they did was go after public workers, including taking away the rights of teachers and prison guards to bargain for better pay and benefits. Bad move. They clearly overstepped their bounds, and voters will remember at the ballot box in 2012. 
  • Prevent You From Voting: Republicans this year decided that when it comes to elections, if you can’t beat, then cheat. From Florida to Wisconsin to Ohio, Republicans passed laws that will have the effect of suppressing Democratic turnout in these crucial swing states. The Brennan Center for Justice estimates that more than 5 million voters will be affected by these laws – a number higher than the margin of victory in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Senate Democrats are holding hearings on the Florida laws in January.
  • Declare War on Women: It was bad enough that Republicans tried to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and other family planning programs. Then they tried to change federal law to redefine rape and to allow hospitals to deny lifesaving care for pregnant women. So much for the Republican promise to have a “laser focus” on jobs. The Republican War on Women is alive and well.
  • Shove Gay Soldiers Back Into the Closet: It was a huge victory for civil rights and basic human dignity when President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell into law. Finally, all Americans could serve openly in the military. Or not. This year, Republicans tried to bring back the policy, and some Republican presidential candidates have said reinstituting discrimination is one of their top policy priorities.
  • Launch Assaults on Sesame Street and Lake Wobegon: I don’t know what Republicans have against Big Bird and Garrison Keillor, but they will do almost anything to shut off their microphones. In fact, earlier this year, Republicans vowed to shut down the federal government if NPR and PBS weren’t defunded. Luckily, Senate Democrats were there to stop the nonsense, and “Sesame Street” and “A Prairie Home Companion” were given a reprieve – for now.
  • Let Consumers Fend For Themselves: One of the most important reforms passed by Democrats in decades was the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to prevent big banks from ripping off their customers with dangerous financial products – some of the same products that contributed to the Great Recession. But Republicans hate anything that puts customers ahead of corporations. So they’ve fought the bureau – and people chosen to lead it – tooth and nail.
  • Increase Taxes for Middle Class Families. And last but certainly not least, this week House Republicans refused to support tax relief for the middle class, even as they demand it for billionaires and huge corporations. If your taxes go up next year, you’ll have nobody but Republicans to blame.
you can vote here
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Winter Soltice: Shorter Nights and Longer Days Coming

Winter Solstice was 9:30 pm Wednesday in Seattle.  That's the day that the sun was lowest in the horizon and the daylight was also the shortest day of the year while the night was the longest of the year.  From here out every day the amount of sunlight (theoretically for Seattle) increases and the nights get a little shorter.  In  Monthy Python History the winter solstice was celebrated by large bonfires, nude dancing maidens , barrels of alcohol and massive feasting in a scene of bucolic splendor that we can now only try to imagine. .....    We have lost so much of our culture.
Image from

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jenaye's Daily Bread

Photo by Jenaye Adams
I awoke to a text from my niece this weekend.  The text said: "I made your bread."  She included the above photo of a beautiful loaf of No-Knead bread.  It was a great way to start the day.  I was proud that she tried the recipe and succeeded in creating such a gorgeous loaf on her first try.  She and her boyfriend came over for dinner this weekend and she spoke of how delicious that loaf was and how quickly it disappeared.  I sense the beginnings of a spectacular baking career for the young lady. 
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Apple Pie

 My wife found some holiday pie stencils.  They fit perfectly on top of a 9" pie, sprinkle some cinnamon on top and they create a festive scene on top of your delicious apple pie.  Before the pie is baked it looks like this:
We brushed the crust lightly with water, sprinkled raw sugar over the top, placed the stencil and then sprinkled on the cinnamon, then bake the holiday pie.

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Welcome Home, Soldier

DOD photo
Welcome home soldier.  Thank you for your service.  Over a million American's served in Iraq, many with multiple deployments that strained individuals and families.  4,500 never came home.  We will not forget your sacrifices.  Thank you and welcome home.

Last US Troops Leave Iraq This Morning

From President Barak Obama
Early this morning, the last of our troops left Iraq.

As we honor and reflect on the sacrifices that millions of men and women made for this war, I wanted to make sure you heard the news.

Bringing this war to a responsible end was a cause that sparked many Americans to get involved in the political process for the first time. Today's outcome is a reminder that we all have a stake in our country's future, and a say in the direction we choose.
Official photographic portrait of US President...Image via Wikipedia

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House Pushing Tar Sands Pipeline

From Tar Sands Action:
yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of rushing approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

This doesn't mean the pipeline is getting built -- not by a long shot. The bill would still have to pass the Senate and be signed by the President, neither of which are likely to happen. It does show that we need to be vigilant after our temporary victory to stop Keystone XL -- the corporate polluters pushing this climate disaster never sleep.
Since we blocked the front door, Big Oil is now trying to bring Keystone in through the back -- their representatives in Congress are attaching the pipeline as an amendment to a crucial bill about taxes and the economy. If we want to make sure the pipeline never gets built, once again we need to get loud and bring this fight back into the public.
Here’s the truth: much of our Congress is bought and sold by corporations. The 234 members of the House who supported this bill took $42,374,100 from corporate polluters in the last decade. If we want Congress to start working for us, and for the planet, we need to call them out on this corruption whenever it happens.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Friday

This beautiful photograph brought to you by SCIENCE

Restore the American Dream Act for the 99%: Progressive Caucus Bill

Rebuild the Dream and the house progressive caucus has written a commonsense bill and they are asking you to endorse it.   With the current republican majority in the house there is zero chance to get this bill passed.  Current house republicans have repeatedly voted down any bills that would help the average American:

From Think Progress:

  • Oct. 11: 100 percent of Senate Republicans voted against millions of American jobs in order to protect the very wealthiest Americans — the top 0.5 percent — from having to pay their fair share.
  • Oct. 20: 100 percent of Senate Republicans voted against nearly 400,000 jobs for teachers, firefighters, and cops in order to protect the very wealthiest Americans — the top 0.5 percent — from having to pay their fair share.
  • Nov. 3: 100 percent of Senate Republicans voted against 450,000 Americans jobs rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, airports, and other critical infrastructure in order to protect the very wealthiest Americans — the top 0.5 percent — from having to pay their fair share.
  • Dec. 1: 98 percent of Senate Republicans voted to raise taxes on 160 MILLION working Americans in order to protect just 345,000 millionaires from having to pay their fair share.
  • Dec. 8: 98 percent of Senate Republicans voted to raise taxes on 160 MILLION working Americans in order to protect just 345,000 millionaires from having to pay their fair share.
So a progressive bill putting Americans back to work building schools and transportation infrastructure paid for with taxes on Wall Street and the most wealthy Americans will never get out of this congress.  But we need this bill, or something similar to both rebuild our infrastructure, lower unemployment and stimulate our economy.  Congress needs to start passing legislation that benefits the 99% of Americans instead of coddling the top 1%.    It's a great bill and you can read it here.
Highlights of the bill:

  • Creates more than 5 million jobs that put Americans back to work
  • New taxes for millionaires and Wall Street speculation
  • Creates a national infrastructure bank and invests in America
  • Eliminates handouts to big oil
  • Adds a public option to the Affordable Care Act
  • Ends the wars and reduces Pentagon waste
  • Saves $2.4 trillion over 10 years

Click here, to endorse Restore the American Dream Act for the 99%.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stop SOPA or ████████

Republicans claim to want no regulations and small government.  Meet SOPA, a republican sponsored bill that will restrict and censor the internet.  Web sites can be shut down for content posted by users.  That's right anyone can post a comment that contains "illegal" content and that site can be shut down.  Sounds like a great tool to silence democracy.   More information here:

- Rebecca MacKinnon (New York Times):
 “The potential for abuse of power through digital networks – upon which we as citizens now depend for nearly everything, including our politics – is one of the most insidious threats to democracy in the Internet age&ellipsis; This is no time for politicians and industry lobbyists in Washington to be devising new Internet censorship mechanisms, adding new opportunities for abuse of corporate and government power over online speech.”
Send a letter to your congressional representative to stop the internet-censoring SOPA 
 I've censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet--a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit:
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Fox News Does Lie

Here is an unemployment graphic Fox news displayed yesterday.  Notice anything strange?

How is 8.6 higher than 8.8?  If the facts don't fit Fox's narrative then.... An honest chart showing the labor statistics looks like the following:
We never watch Fox, its bad for your IQ.

Think Progress has a nice summary of 7 recent studies showing how Fox news viewers are misinformed. 
Fox News viewers to be the most misinformed, and in a right wing direction—studies on global warming, health care, health care a second time, the Ground Zero mosque, the Iraq war, and the 2010 election.

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