Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seattle Progressive Talk Survivors Guide

It's been a couple of weeks since we lost all our favorite progressive talk show hosts on King 1***.   KBCS 91.3 comes in very clear in Redmond and I've listened to it on 405 North as far as Mill Creek.   There is now a Progressive Radio in Seattle (PRS) team working to bring more progressive programing into the Seattle area.  The PRS team has prepared a list of local stations (AM & FM) and internet resources (for streaming) which I've shared below.  The petition to Save Progressive Talk Radio In Seattle has almost 10,000 signatures now.


 KBCS 91.3 FM - Bellevue Stream live or donate here
Thom Hartmann, Noon – 3:00 PM (limited Seattle range for broadcast signal)

 930 AM KBAI - Bellingham Progressive Radio 
Carries a full line up from Bill Press to Randi Rhodes and Ring of Fire.

 1180 KLAY AM – Lakewood/Tacoma
Stephanie Miller, 9:00 AM to Noon and Thom Hartmann, 4:00 to 7 PM weekdays.
The station is powered at 5,000 watts, and their coverage extends from Seattle to Olympia, better in some locations than others. The streaming capability does not appear to work.


WCPT 820 AMChicago's Progressive Talk Radio
Stream the full line up on your computer or smart phone from Chicago’s Progressive Talk.
Click on the “Listen Live” link and choose a radio player.

Monday through Friday
6 am - 9 am The Stephanie Miller Show
9 am - 12 pm The Ed Shultz Show
12 pm - 3 pm The Thom Hartmann Program
3 pm - 6 pm The Norman Goldman
6 pm - 7 pm The Leslie Marshall Show
7 pm - 10 pm The Alan Colmes Show
Sunday 5 pm - 8 pm Ring of Fire

Colorado’ Progressive Talk Radio - AM 760 -
Stream the full line up on your computer or smart phone.

San Francisco’s Progressive Talk Radio – KNEW 960, -
Stream most of the full line up on your computer or smart phone.

Sign the Petition Don't let Seattle lose Progressive Talk Radio
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  1. Thanks - but I just tuned into KLAY 1180 in Tacoma and found my Progressive ears assaulted by first, in the AM, Dr. Joy Brown - calling a 22 year of Marine (and all men by extension) "stupid" for looking at pornography. Ha! That will gain them some listeners! What a joke. Then, in the afternoon, I heard conservative talk host Dennis Miller call Dem Senator Barbara Boxer "contagiously stupid"... Take KLAY off this page. They may have a couple of progressive talk shows too. But you can't just tune in and leave it on all day like you could AM 1090 back in the last decade.