Tuesday, May 7, 2013

26,000 Rapes And Sexual Assaults

26,000  estimated rapes in the U.S. military last year and less than 300 convictions.  Something is terribly wrong here.  Clearly, the military has a cultural problem and their efforts to remedy these shameful statistics are worst than inadequate.  Forty years ago a friend home on leave from the military explained to me that all the women at her base traveled in pairs or groups for fear of rape.  That was four wars ago, drastic change is needed.
Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski, 41, was arrested this weekend for sexual assault.  Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski was the head of the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office.  Did anyone in the Air Force interview the lieutenant colonel before giving him the post?  Is this the best the
 Air Force has to offer for victims of sexual assault?

Pentagon Report on Sexual Assault in the Military in 2012

Detailed summary of H.R. 1593, The STOP Act

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