Friday, October 4, 2013

G.O.P. Hypocrisy

“How do you look at them and deny them access?” Neugebauer asked the unidentified ranger. “I don’t get that.” In his breast pocket, he carried a small American flag.
“It’s difficult,” the ranger responded.
“Well, it should be difficult,” the congressman shot back.
“It is difficult,” she reiterated. “I’m sorry, sir.”
“The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves,” Neugebauer insisted.
“I’m not ashamed,” the ranger replied. (Mediaite)

, member of the United States House of Represe...
 Rep. Randy Neugebauer, member of the United States House of Representatives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This very same congressman voted to shut down the federal government in an attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act and then yells at a Park ranger for enforcing the GOP's shutdown.  The GOP is trying to keep 30 million uninsured American's from the healthcare they need, its Rep. Randy Neugebauer and the rest of his fellow tea party republicans that should be ashamed. 

Rep. Randy Neugebauer, Texas' 19th district own web page displays the following headline:

Neugebauer Votes to Protect Americans from Obamacare

Sep 29, 2013 Issues: Health Care

Rep. Randy Neugebauer also voted to cut millions from the SNAP program.  Although, Rep. Randy Neugenbauer is a millionaire worth between 6 and 19 million dollars, he wasn't embarrassed to take over 4,000 dollars from the federal government in farm subsidies.  Rep. Randy believes thousands of dollars to millionaires is just fine, but helping people who are hungry, or sick is just unacceptable.  
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