Saturday, March 9, 2013

See Comet PANSTARRS At Twilight

Credit: NASA
A Comet, L4 PANSTARRS that should be visible to the naked eye makes its appearance on March 12 through March 24 low in the southwest skies just after sunset

"There is a catch to viewing comet PANSTARRS. This one is not that bright and is going to be low on the western horizon, so you'll need a relatively unobstructed view to the southwest at twilight and, of course, some good comet-watching weather.

Well, there is one more issue -- the time of day, or night, to view it.
"Look too early and the sky will be too bright," said Rachel Stevenson, a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at JPL. "Look too late, the comet will be too low and obstructed by the horizon. This comet has a relatively small window."

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