Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paul Ryan's Epic Fail

Please don't make us listen to the people who kept two wars off the books to make spending look lower than it was lecture us about fiscal responsibility. Kirsten Powers

Paul Ryan voted with George Bush 94% of the time.  Voted YES on authorizing the use of force in Iraq.  Voted YES on the budget busting Medicare Par D of 2003; the big pharma giveaway.  Voted YES on the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.  None, zero, nothing of those acts were paid for.  For 8 years George Bush with the bobblehead consent of Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan  and John Boehner went on a charge card binge.  Two wars, huge tax cuts for the wealthy and Medicare Part D is the reason we have a deficit to begin with.  
They took a budget surplus and turned us into a debtor nation and now they want us to believe they care about deficits?  Hypocrisy is way to mild to describe their cynical  self-serving onanistic behavior.

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