Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tell Congress: Fully Fund AmeriCorps and Service in 2012

Yes,  you can make a difference.  118,000 people signed the petition to restore funding to AmeriCorps in the 2011 budget.  Last week the petitions were handed to Eric Cantor and Americorps funding was reinstated!!
What is AmeriCorps?  AmeriCorps is like the Peacecorps but they serve in the United States.   AmeriCorps volunteers receive minimal wages while performing valuable services in their communities.  They recieve on the job training and qualify for a 4,000 dollar scholarship for every year they serve.  In these tough economic times Americorps helps both communities and individuals. 
If you would like to make sure this outstanding service organization is funded in 2012 please click the link and sign the petition.

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