Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aurora Apple Pies

These are Aurora apples, created by the Pacific Agri-food Research Center in Summerland, BC by crossing 'Splendour' and 'Gala' apples.  The Canadian Dept. Of Agriculture describes the Aurora:
  "The fruit flesh is extremely crisp and juicy, firm and sweet. The flavour is light, fresh, and pleasant, with honey and tropical notes. The shelf life of fruit after storage is excellent."
My unsophisticated palate just calls them delicious, crisp and juicy.  The Aurora apples make outstanding apple pies.  On first encounter, I thought these apples were a hybrid of Golden Delicious, whose appearance they closely match.  Golden Delicious and Granny Smith Apples are two of my favorite pie ingredients and we often mix them.  So of course, the first thing we did with these apples, was bake them in a pie.  The apples hold their texture even after baking, resulting in a mild and satisfying crunch in a freshly baked pie.  I've made quite a few apple pies, and Aurora is by far the best apple pie apple, we have ever tasted. 

Apple Pie Recipe Here

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