Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do Oil Companies Hate Our Children?

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Exxon and all other oil, gas and coal companies, are actively seeking and profiting from finding more fossil fuels every day – despite the fact that even the normally conservative International Energy Agency says that to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must keep two thirds of those fossil fuels we have already found in the ground.1 Superstorm Sandy and a thousand other recent unusual weather events make the point that scientists already agree on – climate change is real, happening, and getting worse. Congress is debating – right now – whether or not to keep funding climate change by subsidizing Big Oil, Gas and Coal. That debate is being fueled by politicians on the take from the fossil fuel industry, and millions of dollars spent on advertising by the American Petroleum Institute in just the last few weeks. 

Oil Change International, exploring the true cost of fossil fuels

DirtyEnergyMoney.Com  Discover the campaign contributions to your elected officials

check out how FOX Business played the whole ad for free, and then screamed at, err "interviewed" Steve Kretzmann, executive director and founder of Oil Change International
The other 98%
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