Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fiscal Gently Inclined Slope Here We Come

Credit: Maddow Blog
Speaker Boehner's proposal to avoid the Fiscal Cliff was presented to President Obama in a letter.  Read the letter here.   President Obama noted the GOP plan lacked "balance".  The speaker's proposal is a joke as clearly represented by this chart from the Maddow Blog.   Basically, Speaker Boehner is proposing to the president, pretend Mitt Romney won the election and pass the Romney/Ryan budget.  But even this ridiculous proposal by Speaker Boehner is being lambasted by the far right.   For over a decade, republicans have advanced the position that the top 2% are the job creators and by lowering taxes on these "job creators" our economy will boom.  Other than GOP policy on Iraq it would be hard to find a more significant policy failure than the Bush Tax Cuts.  The Bush Tax Cuts did not create jobs or a vibrant economy.  This failed republican policy is at the root of our fading infrastructure, weakened educational system and drives the dramatic rise in income inequality in the US.  By refusing to decouple middle class tax breaks with tax breaks for the wealthy, the republicans can cling to their lie that taxing 'job creators' hurts the economy.

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