Thursday, January 3, 2013

112th Congress Worst In History

MSNBC Chuck Todd
"this 112th Congress does leave us today, and some people say finally leaves us began with a threat of a government shutdown just two months into this congress. And then, of course, we had the debt ceiling showdown. Then it culminated with this fiscal cliff..."
The fewest bills passed by any congress since the 1940's Do Nothing Congress.  But the Do Nothing Congress passed almost four times as many bills as the incompetent and ineffective 112th.  Largely due to Republican obstruction or plain ineptness the house was unable to pass a Farm Bill or Disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy (66 days since Sandy hit) and unable to renew the Violence Against Women Act.  I'm not a big fan of NJ governor Chris Christie but I liked what he had to say about the republican leadership in the house and their failure to provide federal aid to Sandy victims.

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