Monday, January 7, 2013

Farmers Vs. Monsanto

Stand up: Family Farmers vs. Monsanto
GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM (Photo credit: live w mcs)

On January 10, family farmers will enter a courtroom in Washington DC to take part in the appeal of OSGATA vs Monsanto et al, a court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s GMO seed, which contaminates organic and non-GMO farmer’s crops and opens them up to abusive lawsuits. In the past two decades, Monsanto’s seed monopoly has grown so powerful that they control the genetics of nearly 90% of five major commodity crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, canola and sugar beets.
In many cases farmers are forced to stop growing certain crops to avoid genetic contamination and potential lawsuits. Between 1997 and 2010, Monsanto admits to filing 144 lawsuits against America’s family farmers, while settling another 700 out of court for undisclosed amounts. Due to these aggressive lawsuits, Monsanto has created an atmosphere of fear in rural America and driven dozens of farmers into bankruptcy. Please join us in standing up for family farmers everywhere against Monsanto's abusive seed monopoly.
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  1. monsanto takes noresopsiblty when they containate a farmers crop this happed near blyth ont canada costing a older farmer the ablity to fill his ngmo contracts had to sell the soybeans at a lower price for crusher appox 1% of the plants had in one pd per plant i sometime 2 beans that were different monsanto would not return phone calls said they did understand meit is now before the courts they are stalling this out david webster brussels ont canada 5198879299