Tuesday, January 29, 2013

9 Year Anniversary, Green Energy Exploration

Credit: NASA
 The NASA rover Opportunity celebrated its 9th year on Mars.  For nine years this rover has driven in and out of craters, sand dunes and rocky hillsides.  The rover has taken tens of thousands of photos, drilled into rocks, dusted them, magnified them and examined the elements in martian rocks.  Not only has this wonderful little rover showed us Mars like we've never seen it before, this Rover has effectively demonstrated the effectiveness of green energy.  For nine years this Martian rover has been powered only by solar energy in brutal environmental conditions.  While we have harnessed solar power on Mars, it's a lot easier on Earth where we receive considerable more energy from the sun than does Mars.  Here on Earth, we have not begun to grasp the full potential and promise of green energy.
Credit: NASA, Stuart Atkinson

Shauna Theel, at Media Matters has written a definitive article on solar energy; Myths And Facts About Solar Energy.

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