Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chain Saw Cuts

The only good thing about the upcoming sequester are the defense cuts.  Sequester is a bad name for chainsaw spending cuts.  We pay our legislators to make decisions, they decided that the best way to reduce our deficit is across the board spending cuts.  Limousines for admirals and child care nutrition all cut equally?
John Boehner has been saying where is the President's plan?  He said the same thing today.   Perhaps, Mr. Boehner needs to get out of the sun, the President has a plan, he's sent the Speaker a copy and its on the White House web site HERE.   Republicans in congress are obfuscating and pretending senility in order to protect unconscionable tax breaks for oil companies, banks and the super wealthy.  Would you want to say, "I'd rather cut child care nutrition than eliminate the 4 billion dollar subsidies for oil companies". 
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