Saturday, August 18, 2012

Romney's 716 Billion Dollar Lie

Mitt Romney claims that President Obama took 716 billion dollars out of MediCare.  What you need to know is that not a single dime was cut from seniors benefits.  No benefits were cut, period.  President Obama saved Americans, 716 billion dollars by cutting waste, fraud and paying doctors and hospitals for outcomes instead of for every procedure performed.  Mitt Romney wants to end MediCare and give seniors an inadequate voucher system to purchase their own insurance from the health care insurance industry.   The Health Care Insurance lobby loves Romney's plan.  Will your 80 year old grandmother love Romney's plan?


  1. And your on an authority on this how? Romney explained last night that his plan is so much more than a "voucher plan." And you are going to tell me that Obama found $716 billion in waste, fraud, and overpaying without cutting jobs or benefits?

  2. Thanks for commenting James. Obama's cuts applied to Medicare suppliers and insurance companies and that's over 10 years. No benefits were cut under the medicare program. Paul Ryan, used the same cost cutting procedures in his budget, resulting in the same 716 billion dollar savings. Don't believe me, check out Politifact:

  3. Sorry, I just don't see it the way you describe it. the $716B is a cut in Medicare. Neither Romney, Ryan nor the republican base want to 'end' Medicare as you state. So who really is the liar here? It's you. Thanks for the liberal 'scare' tactic about 80 year old grandmothers.