Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Join the Internet Defense League

Join the Internet Defense League
Because everyone should have the freedom to access a free internet, I joined the Internet Defense League.
Old and young, male and female, democrats and republicans, joined with one clear mission:  Save the freedom and future of the internet.   
I just joined something called the Internet Defense League -- and I'm hoping you will, too. I joined because it's important to stand up against the powerful industries that are tyring hard to lock down the net. Remember SOPA and PIPA? The people who wrote them are working on more bills to censor the internet, spy on users, chill innovation and generally wreak havoc with the web.
The Internet Blackout helped kill SOPA/PIPA with nothing more than websites and individuals working together to broadcast messages and actions. The Internet Defense League uses the tactics of the Blackout, but supercharged and ready to take on anything that corrupt congresspeople and big business can throw at us.

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