Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stand Your Ground For Justice

 The justice system in Florida is replete with inequities and Injustice.  The stand your ground law, allows a man to shoot another and not even get charged, but if a woman is trying to defend herself, she gets 20 years?  Is the state of Florida sending a message that you need to kill your assailant for the stand your ground law to apply?

Marissa Alexander, a Florida mother of three, was only trying to protect herself from her abusive husband when she fired warning shots into her ceiling. No one was hurt, she'd given birth just nine days before, and her husband had a history of violence--yet she's still facing twenty years in prison. Nine days after Marissa gave birth to their daughter, her husband, Rico Gray, resumed the abuse Marissa had endured for a year. Gray, in a rage, had her cornered, and when he saw her pistol, he threatened to kill her. But instead of shooting him, she aimed upward. The only thing she hit was the ceiling. Florida's Stand Your Ground law, as controversial as it is, was supposedly made to protect domestic abuse victims. But if it's not protecting Marissa Alexander, who will it protect?

Please sign this petition to stand up for Marissa and her children. 

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