Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Koch Brothers Sponsor Lying Ads

Stephanie Cutter sets the record straight on Koch brothers funded factually challenged ads running in eight battleground states.  President Obama is adamant on removing unneeded tax subsidies from the oil industries, Romney wants to keep them in place.  The Koch brothers want those tax subsidies and their willing to spend big money to keep them. 

The Washington Post:
Two well-funded Republican groups began running hard-hitting ads against President Obama last week, aiming to spend an estimated $8 million in key battleground states. The spots hit similar themes, attacking Obama on green-energy investments, and even cite similar sources. Watching these ads is a depressing duty for The Fact Checker, because many of their claims — regarding “billions” of stimulus dollars going overseas — had been debunked two years ago by our colleagues at PolitiFact and Yet here the erroneous assertions emerge yet again, without any shame, labeled as “the truth” or “fact.”
The Washington Post link shows both ads if your interested in watching the lies.  
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