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A List Of Reproductive Rights Blogs From KYBOOMU and MS.

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 Keep Your Boehner Out Of My Uterus was the first reproductive rights blog (tumbler), I read on the web.  Last year as the republican explosion of laws limiting women's rights started rolling across the nation, on KYBOOMU they were posted and you could feel the "what the ?" reaction.  Ms. Blog ran a story about KYBOOMU and it's author Jessica Luther, it's here and below is a great list of reproductive rights blogs from that story, many suggested by Jessica Luther to add to your reading list.  Ms. Luther also has an informative and eye opening blog.

  • Team Uterati, founded in 2012 by Imani Gandy (Angry Black Lady), aims to provide comprehensive up-to-date information about anti-choice, anti-women’s health and anti-reproductive rights legislative measures in various states. Gandy started Team Uterati as a “community-based organizing tool for feminists fighting for equal rights and reproductive justice.” The project, which is the first of its kind on the Internet, also contains a continually growing Wiki with resources, articles, databases and a forum.
  • Abortion Gang: Abortion Gang’s website says it best: “We are unapologetic activists for reproductive justice.” The site discusses reproductive health and justice, and reminds us again and again that the personal truly is political.
  • Bebinn: A collection of pro-choice information, rants and unrelated gifs, “for all your pro-choice needs!”
  • Care2: An array of comprehensive coverage under the heading “Dispatches from the War on Women.”
  • Huffington Post – Laura Bassett: HuffPo’s politics writer tackles both state and national reproductive rights news in a concise, easy-to-understand fashion.
  • Prolonged Eye Contact: With articles and commentary on abortion and reproductive rights, this site, according to Jessica Luther, “is REALLY phenomenal at being inclusive in how they talk about repro rights.”
  • Rabble: “Radically pro-choice” site that offers the tagline, “It’s pro-choice or NO choice.”
  • Radical Doula: Almost defying categorization, Radical Doula is site run by activist Miriam Zoila Pérez, and connects the dots between reproductive rights, birth activism, doula work, LGBT issues, immigrant rights and racial justice.
  • Reproductive Rights Prof Blog: This website keeps tabs on reproductive rights issues from legal and academic perspectives.
  • RH Reality Check: The one-stop shop for breaking news and opinion on sexual and reproductive health and rights, with updates throughout the day.
  • Shakesville: At Melissa McEwan’s one-stop shop for progressive and feminist news, bloggers Misty Clifton and Shark Fu have done a great job of keeping the Shakesville community informed and aware of various reproductive rights news.
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