Tuesday, July 3, 2012

America Is Not The Greatest Country Anymore

*This video contains F***ing graphic language*

This is a great, must hear, 3 minute speech from the new HBO series: "The Newsroom".  My wife and I liked the first episode so much we watched it again, the next hour. We were puzzled by many of the negative reviews of this fascinating and fast paced show. Perhaps, the answer lies in  "The Newsroom" series negative view of journalism in America today, and many of the reviews were written by journalists. Unlike the loud chestbeaters, waving the American flag all the facts in Jeff Daniels speech are correct. There is some confusion as to infant mortality rates, Mr. Daniels speech quotes a CIA factbook, better data from WHO in 2011 places the US 41st in infant mortality. Afghanistan 1 death in 19 births before 1 month birthday, US 1 in 233, Cuba 1 in 345, France 1 in 455, Japan 1 in 909.  We spend twice as much on Health Care as any other industrialized nation, and still leave 30 million people without insurance.
 HBO's full first episode of the Newsroom
uploaded to YouTube by HBO

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