Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Walmart: We Don't Shop There

Today, Walmart is 50.  We haven't shopped at Walmart for 10 years, not since we found out they didn't provide health insurance for their employees.  I understand that now they provide some kind of insurance for full time employees, but for a wealthy healthy company to deprive their employees of good healthcare is unforgiveable in my opinion.   Americans making minimum wage, just scraping by will go wherever they can to meet their needs on meager resources, but if you have a choice do you really want to do business with a company that treats their employees so poorly?  See that tiny dot on the poster?  Compare that so very tiny dot which is a years salary for a walmart employee to the much larger circle( the entire circle is too big to display in its entirety) which is the average yearly income for just one Walmart heir. 

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