Sunday, October 28, 2012

George McGovern Stalwart Patriot

In 1972 at Seattle's University district in a big metal voting booth with a dark blue curtain I pulled a big metal lever for George McGovern.  It was my first vote in a presidential election, and I was simply astounded that senator McGovern lost. Senator McGovern was a firm voice against the senseless and useless Vietnam war.  Where are all the conservatives who were arguing the "domino theory"?  How many of them admitted their costly mistake that cost 50,000 American lives and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian lives.  Senator McGovern stood up in the senate and demanded an end to "this damnable war" and  declared "this chamber reeks of blood".  Senator McGovern was a brave patriot, he fought in WW2 and earned the distinguished Flying Cross, the desk bound right heaped scorn on this decorated hero.  A similar situation is playing out today.  Many, including Romney are insisting that Iraq was the "right" thing to do, Paul Ryan insists he would once again vote to send our troops to Iraq.  Mitt Romney, also supported the war in Iraq.  Romney spent years in France under a missionary deferment during the bloodiest years in Vietnam. Neither, Romney, Ryan nor any of their immediate family have served in the military, yet they are the shrillest voices calling for war with Iran.  We need more patriots like McGovern, not "tough guys" willing to send  Americans to a war they themselves would never fight in. 

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