Monday, October 15, 2012

We Approve This Message

I really like this message and the group that created it.  These ladies understand what a Romney/Ryan win means for reproductive rights in this country.  Paul Ryan co-sponsored 38 anti abortion bills in the US House of Representatives.  Rep. Ryan also co-sponsored a personhood amendment, that would outlaw the pill, all abortions and IUD devices.  If that doesn't scare you, Romney has promised to overturn Roe vs Wade.  If Paul Ryan becomes president he would have no qualms about imposing his personal religious beliefs on the rest of the country.  Separation of church and state, not for Rep. Ryan.  Vote No on Romney/Ryan's plans  for a government takeover of every uterus in America. 

WeApproveThisMessage is a group of independent Americans* who have volunteered their time to help bring our country together. Four years ago, we the people of The United States of America committed ourselves to prove once again that we are the greatest nation on earth—only to be blocked by politicians who made it perfectly clear, in word and deed, that they cared more about playing politics than they cared about our country. In spite of this, the President and his administration have made remarkable—and often unsung—progress in healthcare, education, the economy, foreign policy, and in countless other areas. We believe that, if we are to move our country forward, it is essential to re-elect President Obama as well as senators and congressman who will work with him, regardless of party affiliation. Reasonable people can, should, and will disagree. However, reasonable people will always put the common good before their own agendas. This is not a time to be cynical or disillusioned. This is a time to come together once more to renew the American Dream.
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