Monday, October 29, 2012

More Romney Lies

Mitt Romney last week:
 “I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep, now owned by the Italians, is thinking of moving all production to China,”
Chrysler has made clear that they have  "no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China."

Gaulberto Ranieri, a senior vice president for Chrysler

 “Despite clear and accurate reporting, the take has given birth to a number of stories making readers believe that Chrysler plans to shift all Jeep production to China from North America, and therefore idle assembly lines and U.S. workforce.  It is a leap that would be difficult even for professional circus acrobats.  A careful and unbiased reading of the Bloomberg take would have saved unnecessary fantasies and extravagant comments.”
 Let Detroit Go Bankrupt by Mitt Romney

If Mitt Romney becomes president, could we believe anything that he said?
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