Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Romney Lies
This election is about more than political parties. When it comes to health care, it is about truth and lies.  In front of a national audience, Mitt said he cares about 100% of Americans. With private donors, behind closed doors, he said he didn't care about 47% of Americans. He claimed pre-existing conditions are covered under his health care plan, but he conveniently skips the fact that it's only for people with no interruptions in their coverage. That's the exact policy we already had under laws in effect before the Affordable Care Act was enacted. 
It's simple. Romney's a liar. He'll say whatever he thinks it takes to get elected.
The Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, but it is a definite improvement over what we had before.  By repealing the ACA Romney would make us all defenseless against the healthcare insurance industry again.  
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