Friday, October 12, 2012

John Koster Sneering Aristocrat

KOSTER: Reform isn’t just taxing the rich, the very people by the way who create jobs. Our economic system has been the envy of the world for generations, but it seems to get more convoluted and more onerous every year. Under this administration it has become a system that punishes those who dare to dream, those who dare to invest, those who dare to work hard or succeed. It seems to reward the mediocrity — dare I say it, slothfulness and laziness — of those who choose not to do those things. Furthermore, it creates a dependency on government programs, even an addiction I would say, by virtue of the sense of entitlement that it creates. I can tell you, those people aren’t the 99 percent.
Koster is another trickle down plutocrat.  We have good evidence over the last 10 years that the rich do not create jobs.  Taxes are at their lowest for decades, so where are the jobs?  I'm grateful for Mr. Koster daring to state his true disdain for Americans on Social Security, Unemployment and Medicare.  Like Mitt Romney, Koster is a clueless, sneering aristocrat that has no vision for America, except car elevators for the 1% and class warfare for the 99%.

 Suzan DelBene, Democrat For Congress

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