Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eric Cantor: Failed Leadership

Majority Leader Eric Cantor:
"These job numbers are pathetic. The American people really deserve better, and I think under the right leadership we can do better. We in the House remain committed to doing all we can to removing the uncertainty that's plaguing not only the working families of this country, but the small business people of this country."
  After hearing Mr. Cantor speak those words yesterday, I wanted to invite him to an unfriendly game of basketball.  One in which, unfortunately, I'd be called for many fouls.  Mr. Cantor and Mr. Boehner are part of the leadership in this country, Mr. Boehner is third in line to the presidency.  Two years ago, the republicans ran on a platform of jobs; they have not passed one single jobs bill in almost two years.  Eric Cantor even tried to eliminate funding for AmeriCorps last year.  They have done nothing to create jobs.  Their "strategy", or more aptly "traitorous shame" is to do nothing that will help President Obama become re-elected.  The Republicans have forgotten they are in Washington to serve America, not the republican party.  MSNBC's Martin Bashir stated it very well in his pristine english accent: (after a 30 second ad)

BUT Mr Cantor is part of the Leadership of this country. He's the Majority Leader in the House. I'm certain the word 'Leader' is on his business card.
But Leader Cantor has done absolutely everything in his powers to be sure that not one of the President's policies on Job Creation, have ever seen the light of day.
Even when an independent analytics firm like Moody's estimates that the American Jobs Act would create about 2 Million new jobs, and raise GDP by a full 2 percentage points -- Mr Cantor prefers his own form of leadership, which is designed to crush Job Creation.
And Mr Cantor's approach has been shared by another 'Leader' in Job Crushing -- the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, a man who also made his monthly appearance today.

GOP Plan To Win Power By Killing Jobs Congressman George Miller
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  1. Cantor is the pathetic one...he is happy the job numbers are that way. He is only interested in power...the hypocrisy of the right...only care about themselves.

  2. "he is happy the job numbers are that way." I agree, absolutely, Eric Cantor and Speaker Boehner could barely contain their glee talking about the jobs number last week. Thanks for sharing, Anon