Sunday, June 3, 2012

Romney's record in Massachusetts

  Mitt Romney claims his business experience makes him better qualified to deal with the economy than President Obama.  Williard M. Romney cites his four years as Massachusetts governor, "I know how to create jobs".  But, Romney didn't create jobs in Massachusetts.  Over his 4 years, Mitt Romney was 47th in the nation in job creation.  47th!!  Even the Fox news host Chris Wallace, pushing back against Romney campaign adviser Ed Gillispie, said on Sunday:
   “Over the four years, it was 47th. There was no question about that.”
While Mitt Romney claims to know how jobs are created and how they are lost.
There really is no evidence that Romney understands how to create jobs.  But, thousands of Americans can personally attest to Romney's knowledge of how jobs are lost.

Mitt Romney:
"I like being able to fire people..."
 Across the nation Romney lags behind President Obama from two to seven points in the nationwide polls.  But one state, stands out, posting much poorer poll results for Mitt Romney.   The place is Massachusetts where Romney served as governor for four years from 2003 to 2007.  In Massachusetts, where citizens know Romney best, Williard M. Romney averages 20 points behind President Obama.  What do the citizens of Massachusetts understand about Mitt Romney that makes him so unpopular in the Bay State? Massachusetts: Romney vs. Obama

Polling Data

PollDateSampleObama (D)Romney (R)Spread
RCP Average2/23 - 5/22--56.434.6Obama +21.8
Suffolk/7News5/20 - 5/22600 LV5934Obama +25
Rasmussen Reports5/7 - 5/7500 LV5635Obama +21
Boston Globe3/21 - 3/27544 LV4933Obama +16
PPP (D)3/16 - 3/18936 RV5835Obama +23
Western NE University2/23 - 3/1527 RV6036Obama +24

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