Monday, June 4, 2012

Walker Recall Election Tomorrow

Credit: Via MaddowBlog
Most likely the second most important election tomorrow after November's Presidential Election are the recall elections in Wisconsin;  Governor Scott Walker, his Lt. Governor and 4 republican senators.  Presently, the Wisconsin Senate is evenly divided between republicans and democrats so if only one of the four republican senators loses his recall election the republicans will lose their majority in the senate.  If the republicans lose the senate, even if Scott Walker retains his governorship, republican "My way or the highway" policies in Wisconsin are temporarily over.

Governor Scott Walker has raised 70% of his funds from out of state.  Governor Scott Walker has raised more money than all Wisconsin governor candidates combined in history. Walker, the possible target of a John Doe investigation, in the last month has been raking in donations of at least 180,000 dollars a day.  Tomorrow's election, will be a test of unlimited corporate money, via Citizen's United, versus grassroots, phone calling and door knocking democratic activity.   Will Citizens United create a plutocracy in the US, or do average citizens still have a chance to influence their government.  Will  Walker crush the grass roots rebellion against his autocratic union busting and education crushing budget cuts?  Republicans are hoping, yes.
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