Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rubio's Doublespeak On The ACA

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
English: Official portrait of US Senator Marco...
English: Official portrait of US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  “Well, I think it’s telling that a victory for the Obama administration means a middle class tax increase. It is now unlawful for you not to buy health insurance. And if you don’t buy it, you have an IRS problem. If you do not buy health insurance, the IRS is going to be on your back and chasing you. They are going to take away your refund, they’re going to increase your fees.”

First off Senator, you should know congress has cut IRS funding every year since 1990.  Today, the IRS budget is 1/3 what it was a decade ago, in spite of the fact that for every dollar of funding the IRS provides 4-5 dollars of revenue in recovered taxes.  It's estimated that every year the US loses 385 billion in revenue due to cheating on taxes, mostly by the wealthy.  That's almost 4 trillion over a decade!  The IRS simply does not have the resources to "chase after every American". 

In Massachusetts,  less than 1% of the population pays a penalty instead of purchasing health insurance.  Most Americans will gladly purchase healthcare if its affordable, and the ACA helps insure about 30 million more citizens.  Finally, a tax increase applies to tanning salons and cadillac healthcare plans,  99% of Americans won't face a tax hike, but the 1% will and the wealthy are making more noise whining about paying a few dollars in taxes than 30 million Americans soldiering on without any healthcare. 
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