Monday, June 4, 2012

Romney Versus President Obama: Paycheck Fairness Act

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President Obama's Administration:
"The Administration strongly supports Senate passage of S. 3220, the Paycheck Fairness Act. Women continue to earn substantially less than men for performing the same work," the Office of Management and Budget statement sent out Monday afternoon said.

"The Paycheck Fairness Act is commonsense legislation that strengthens the Equal Pay Act and would give women the tools they need to fight pay discrimination," the statement continued. "This bill would address the pay gap by enhancing enforcement of equal pay laws. Specifically, it would prohibit retaliation against employees who ask about or discuss wage information, and would provide more effective remedies for women subjected to discriminatory pay practices."
President Obama:
 "At a time when we're in a make-or-break moment for the middle class, Congress has to step up and do its job," the president said on a conference call. "But let's face it: Congress is not going to act because I said it's important; they're going to act because you guys are making your voices heard,"

 Mitt Romney on the Paycheck Fairness Act:
(this space intentionally left blank)

National Women's Law Center:
 Can you take two minutes of your time to call your Senators in support of the Paycheck Fairness Act?

We will make it super-easy. This is all it takes:
  1. Dial 1-888-876-9527.
  2. Listen to the sample script and follow the instructions for connecting to your Senator's office.
  3. Don't neglect your other Senator. Call back and make sure he/she gets a call, too!
  4. Double your impact by forwarding this message to a friend.

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