Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet Karen Porterfield (D) Running Against Dave Reichert

I posted the wrong day for the meeting.  The correct day is Sunday, June 10th 2-4PM.  The error was entirely mine and sincerely hope no one is inconvenienced by my mistake.  

Ms. Karen Porterfield will be speaking at a meeting sponsored by the Sammamish MoveOn group at the Sammamish Public Library this Saturday 6/9/12 from 2-4 PM.  The correct date and time is Sunday 6/10/12.  Ms. Porterfield is running in Washington states 8th congressional district against the corporate funded congressman Reichert (R), who survived a 2010 well crafted challenge from democrat Suzan DelBene.   Congressman Reichert (R) voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay act and he has voted to cut funding from Planned Parenthood and Title X family planning.   Although, to the best of our knowledge Congressman Reichert doesn't have a uterus, he is delighted to enact legislation designating the proper use of Washington State uteri equipped citizens.  Ms. Karen Porterfield seems to feel that women, can make decisions about their bodies all on their own without the aid and guidance of old white republican men.  From Karen Porterfield's campaign website:

  Women should be the only – and final – decision makers on all issues that pertain to their bodies. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is waging a very real “War on Women” which systematically is attempting to undermine the fundamental rights of women in this country to care for their own health and that of their families.
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  1. I’ll never forget watching Darci Buner and Dave Reichert debating on channel 9. My chin hit the floor when I heard Congressman Reichert say that all he does in his job is to follow the instructions of the GOP. I had a variety of thoughts after that statement.

    First I thought; don’t the citizens of the 8th district deserve representation?

    Then I thought; how can anybody consider this person anything but a Washington DC insider!

    After that I thought; well his comments really make sense. After all he has absolutely no qualifications to be a representative. Dave Reichert’s only claim to fame is that he caught the Green River killer, and that took him 20 years.

    To my knowledge Dave Reichert has never sponsored or coauthored any legislation of any kind.


  2. Reichert did not catch the green river killer.
    Reichert spent 20 years NOT catching the green river killer, he also hounded an innocent cab driver for years.
    the Seattle Times:
    "By late 1990 only two investigators were assigned to the case, primarily to take tips from the public. Still later, that number was reduced to one — Detective Tom Jensen, the man who eventually submitted the DNA that led to Ridgway's arrest."
    I also know of no legislation sponsored or authored by Reichert. Thanks for an informative comment Anon.