Saturday, September 8, 2012

"In Romney’s World, Cars Get the Elevator, Workers Get the Shaft"

Jennifer Granholm was governor of Michigan when the bottom fell out of our economy.  The auto industry was insolvent and there was no money available for loans or a managed bankruptcy.  Popular opinion at the time was against saving the auto industry, and so was Mitt Romney who wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times,   Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.  In 2008 Michigan's economy was staggering under the financial crisis, add in automobile plant closures and the loss of 200,000 auto manufacturing jobs, an epic catastrophe was looming before this two term Governor.  Ms. Granholm  clearly saw the need to save the automobile industry, and the risks and benefits associated with rescuing it.  This was personal for her, and her beloved state.  She's never forgotten that when Detroit needed a hand Mitt Romney gave them the shaft, and in this speech, she politely and enthusiastically returns it.

You can see Jennifer Granholm weekdays where she calmly hosts Currents', "The War Room".
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