Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tired Of Choices?

 Romney/Ryan 2012 because they'll make your healthcare choices for you!

Should you have one child or three?  How long should a couple wait after their first child is born before conceiving a second?  What if your fetus has a genetic defect?  If your struggling financially with 2 children what course to follow if you become pregnant with a third?  Your teenage daughter becomes pregnant and her boyfriend just left town?  These gripping situations happen all across America, women with their families rely on friends, relatives, counselors, sometimes clergy, wrestling the issues to find the best course for themselves in their own situation.  But Romney/Ryan want to solve  that, by eliminating choices for women.  Hormonal birth control, IUD devices, the morning after pill, abortion and Planned Parenthood are tools that women will no longer have access to to shape their lives and their families.  Republican men think they know best how women should live and reproduce and it doesn't  involve women making choices for themselves.
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