Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mitt Romney; Fantasy Or Facts

This spring, when Mitt Romney declared that corporations are people, I realized we lived in two different worlds.   I've never seen a presidential campaign deal in so many falsehoods.  There are Mitt's "fantasy statements" and then fact.  Most of us live in the world of facts.  But if you have billions of dollars to spend can you make everyone else live in your fantasy?  George Bush, Dick Cheney and Condolliza Rice dragged much of America into their WMD fantasy.  Are you ready to believe Romney and Ryan?   ThinkProgress has compiled an educational guide to Mitt Romney's GOP nomination speech comparing his words to fact.
Romney On His Tax Plan || Romney On Wall Street || Romney On The Budget
Romney On Bain Capital || Romney On Obamacare || Romney On Medicare
Romney On Women’s Health || Romney On Energy || Romney On Global Warming
Romney On The Auto Bailout || Romney On Welfare Reform || Romney On Food Stamps
Romney On Security || Romney On LGBT rights

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