Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mitt's Industrial Strength Lie Detector

Credit: MSNBC screenshot
Meet Steve Benen, political writer, producer for the Rachel Maddow show, blogger and an MSNBC contributor.  I've come to admire Steve's tenaciousness and meticulousness.  January 06, 2012, Steve's column on Political Animal was titled Mitt’s mendacity.
  After catching Mitt Romney repeating another obvious falsehood, Greg Sargent noted this afternoon, “I know this risks getting boring and predictable, but we really should document them all.”
That’s a good idea. In fact, I’m thinking about starting a new feature for Friday afternoons, highlighting the Republican frontrunner’s most offensive falsehoods from the previous week. I’m thinking about making it a Top 5 list, but I suppose some weeks, it might be a Top 10 list.
Let’s take a look at this week’s contenders.
Steve went on to list what he considered Mitt Romney's top five lies that week and provided corroborating references proving Mitt's falsehoods.  By week two, Steve was listing 10 Romney lies a week, and by week 31, Steve listed a simply incredible 37 Romney lies.  With a dramatic increase in Romney lies one wonders whether Steve has gotten much better at spotting lies over the 33 weeks or if its just a dramatic increase in Mitt's lying? When Mr. Benen began this project did he have any idea what a monumental task it would become documenting all of Mitt Romney's burgeoning lies?  539 lies in 31 weeks is Romney's total, or as Mitt Romney would say: "2000 lies in 15 weeks".
Credit:  Create A Graph, National Center for Education Statistics
Above is a chart I made tracking Romney Lies, as chronicled by Steve Benen.  Preliminary analysis shows a loose association with lunar cycles, most likely associated with excessive fluidity in Romney's Cayman Islands Tax Sheltered liquid assets.  

By week four, Steve's Romney Lies List moved from Political Animal to The Maddow Blog.  Check out the links below, carefully written, documented and referenced by Steve Benen, that record Mitt's incredible lying record. 

I think we all owe Steve a great debt for tenaciously covering the dramatic rise of Romney lies.  With so many lies in circulation, a lie devaluation is inevitable leaving us bullish on truth.
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