Monday, November 5, 2012

Real Romney Finally Shows in 2007 Video

The first 17 minutes of this tape from 2007 is about Mitt Romney discussing the tenets of his faith. But it's the last 3 minutes that displays Mitt Romney's complete and total opposition to abortion.

Mitt Romney:

 The Church does not say that a member of our church must be opposed to allowing choice in society.  We are vehemently opposed to abortion ourselves and for ourselves.   But we allow other people to make their own choice.  I disagree with that view.  Politically, I looked at it and said that's wrong.  It's not a Mormon thing its a secular position. to say you know I was wrong we should have a society with a prohibition on abortion....
I was governor four years.  I had a number of pieces of legislation put in my desk that dealt with abortion, abstinence education, RU-486 and so forth... I vetoed any bill that was in favor of choice.  I was entirely consistent of favoring life.  So it's just not my word you have to take but my record.

So Mitt Romney wants to be president because he knows better than his church and of course better than women how to handle reproductive rights in this country?   Other than the infamous 47% video this is the only video I've seen of Mitt Romney where he appears genuine.  Now we know why Romney appears so stilted and wooden in his appearances, Mitt's been afraid that America would see through his moderate charade into the empty and arrogant ideologue at his core.  
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