Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary

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Today  "A Blaze of Bright Blue" is one year old.  I started this blog, in frustration, at the media's treatment of Paul Ryan, with his insane budget, as a serious person.   No one was asking Paul Ryan hard questions  or carefully looking at his budget.  Media everywhere were lauding him as a hero.   NYT columnist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman was the first to point out Ryan was a flim-flam artist and the media  then criticized Krugman.  This years Paul Ryan budget, has been repeatedly slammed.  Paul Krugman calls it the "most fraudulent" and worse than Pink Slime.  Is it a surprise that almost every republican in congress has voted in support of Paul Ryan's budget?  While most citizens want to keep the American Dream alive, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, want to shred our infrastructure, education, research and social safety net so the top 1% can build elevators for their automobiles. 

Over the past year many voices have been raised against the current direction of the country.   Movements have sprung up;  Occupy Wall Street,  Move to Amend, Rebuild the Dream,, and these new movements have  co-operated with existing organizations like, ColorofChange, and Credo,  creating an even louder chorus for change

In Wisconsin, citizens collected over a million signatures to recall republican governor Scott Walker, for gutting public education, union rights and health care.  Last year, half a million voters signed a petition to recall Michigan governor Rick Snyder, over his "Emergency Manager" law and instituting education cuts while cutting taxes for corporations.  They "only" got half a million signatures, but the citizens of Michigan are not quitting, the Washtinaw Election commission approved a new recall petition for the governor last week. 
In Virginia thousands protested Governor Bob McDonnell's transvaginal ultrasound bill. 

Many Americans are realizing that we need emphatic grass roots action to enact change at the legislative level.   Americans are stepping up to change the direction of our country at the ballot box and the sidewalk.  I'm happy to be, just one of millions of voices in America, saying enough with the 1% making rules that mostly benefit the 1%.  As Van Jones states, we are the 99% for the 100%.

To my readers, thank you.   I appreciate your support and look forward to sharing another year of learning, activism, petitions, links, recipes and of course the daily bread. 
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