Monday, April 9, 2012

We Don't See Any War on Women!

PRIEBUS:  Well, for one thing, if the Democrats said we had a war on caterpillars, and mainstream media outlet talked about the fact that Republicans have a war on caterpillars, then we have problems with caterpillars. The fact of the matter is it’s a fiction and this started a war against the Vatican that this president pursued. He still hasn’t answered Archbishop Dolan’s issues with Obama world and Obamacare, so I think that’s the first issue.
The republican war on women is fictional, like a war on caterpillars?!
In 2011 republicans passed 1100 bills limiting women's reproductive freedom.  Already, in 2012  900 bills have been introduced that attack a women's right to make decisions about her own body.  Eight states are trying to defund Planned Parenthood, while Texas has completely defunded Planned Parenthood.  Thirteen states are pushing mandatory and unnecessary ultrasound bills before an abortion.  Texas, South Carolina and Pennsylvania have passed mandatory ultrasound bills.  Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania is sympathetic to women though, encouraging them to "just close your eyes" during forced ultrasounds.  Eleven states are trying to ban insurance coverage of abortions.  Every republican in the US Senate, except Senator Olympia Snowe voted for the Blunt amendment which would allow employers to refuse insurance coverage of anything to which they had "moral or religious objections".   Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are in favor of the "personhood" amendment, which would outlaw all abortions in all cases and even make the pill and intrauterine devices illegal.  The day before Reince's remarks Governor Scott Walker signed a bill that cancelled an equal pay for equal work law in Wisconsin.  Lets not forget Rush Limbaugh's 3 day public assault on Sandra Fluke.  When asked about Rush's outrageous assault on this college woman, Mitt Romney replied; "that's not the language I would have used".

In a discussion on the Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel argued that the republicans have only two choices; either own up to their policies or stop writing laws attacking women.  Actually, there is a third choice, and the natural choice for republicans.  Lie.  Republicans of late have never been a party to accept responsibility.  They continue to claim, without any shred of credible evidence that trickle down economic theory works.  No republican has apologized for passing the Bush tax cuts, sending our nation from a budget surplus to one with huge deficits.  The republicans haven't apologized for the missing "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and the thousands of deaths caused by the wrong war at the wrong time.

So what will it be republicans?  Claim responsibility- this is the official policy of the GOP or stop waging a war on women, or deny everything?
Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky):
"Talk about a manufactured issue -- there is no issue.  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire and Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe from Maine I think would be the first to say -- and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska -- 'we don’t see any evidence of this.'"

"War on women?  I don't see any war on women."
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