Sunday, April 1, 2012

Romney Wrong on Russia

“I’m saying in terms of a geopolitical opponent, the nation that lines up with the world’s worst actors, of course the greatest threat that the world faces is a nuclear Iran, and nuclear North Korea is already troubling enough, but when these terrible actors pursue their course in the world and we go to the United Nations looking for ways to stop them, when [Syrian President] Assad, for instance, is murdering his own people, we go to the United Nations and who is it that always stands up for the world’s worst actors? It is always Russia, typically with China alongside, and so in terms of a geopolitical foe, a nation that’s on the Security Council, that has the heft of the Security Council, and is of course a massive security power — Russia is the geopolitical foe.”
Mitt Romney, March 26, 2012Mitt Romney - CaricatureMitt Romney - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Americans should never forget, during the worst crisis the industrialized world ever faced, WWII, Russia was our much needed ally.  Most Americans have no idea of the extent of devastation and the enormous casualties Russia suffered during the "Great Patriotic War".  More than 1 in 10 Russians died during that conflict, 23,000,000 Russians died, either through military action, massacres, starvation or disease.  Their country was ravaged over a 1000 mile front that reached to Moscow, more Russian civilians were killed than all military casualties of both the Axis and Allied armies.  The vast bulk of German military might was ground to dust on the Eastern Front.
I was dumbfounded by Romney's remarks about Russia.  President Obama was out of the country and Mitt Romney jumps on his war train.  We know Romney wants war with Iran, does he want war with Russia too? Russia is not our geopolitical foe.  Romney is completely wrong when he says Russia always supports North Korea and Syria.  Russia has not cast a single Security Council veto in the UN for either of those countries.  Russia has only vetoed 4 UN Security resolutions in the last decade, none of them for Syria or North Korea. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev advised the White House hopefuls, including Romney, to 
“rely on reason, use their heads,” adding, “that’s not harmful for a presidential candidate.” He further said, “It’s 2012, not the mid-1970s, and whatever party he belongs to, he must take the existing realities into account.”
What President Medvedev is saying, in a very nice way to Romney is,- "Don't be stupid."  Nicely put, Mr. President.  Most Americans consider Russians our friends and allies.  Many Americans also think Romney says things "without using his head or reason" rather frequently.  Mitt Romney is setting a record for being out of touch.  Not only is Mitt out of touch with every middle class voter in America, he is out of touch with every Russian too.  Perhaps Romney might consider that all the George Bush foreign policy advisers he hired, might not be in his or the countries best interest. Also, telling a presidential candidate who believes in "magic underwear" to "rely on reason" might be a forlorn hope. 
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