Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Can't Vote Unless You Register

We need every citizen of America to vote.  Elections do matter.  Without a huge republican majority elected in 2010, when most democrats stayed home, the republicans could not have passed voter suppression laws, anti-union legislation, emergency manager bills, bills to shut down Planned Parenthood, bills to eliminate Title X family planning, threats to default on our country's deficit , bills to shut down abortion centers, bills to cut education while giving tax breaks to corporations and lets not forget mandatory and unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasound bills.
Please VOTE
You can't vote unless you register
from the NAACP;
Registration and education.

Those three words are the mantra of This is My Vote. They represent the most effective way to fight back against voter suppression and to make your voice heard in November.

Over and over again we see the impact lawmakers can have on our lives. By registering to cast your ballot and educating yourself on the requirements for voting, you can have the effect on our country that proponents of these these laws are seeking to prevent.

Registering to vote takes only 5 minutes. Head to the This is My Vote site, fill out your application, and mail it in today:

Register here

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