Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't let the 1% Deconstruct FDR's Masterpiece

Before Social Security was established 75 years ago, more than half of our elderly population lived in poverty. Because of Social Security, the poverty figure for seniors today is less than 10 percent. Social Security also provides dignified support for millions of widows, widowers, orphans and people with disabilities.
Since it was established, Social Security has paid every nickel it owed to every eligible American, in good times and bad. As corporations over the last 30 years destroyed the retirement dreams of millions of older workers by eliminating defined-benefit pension plans, Social Security was there paying full benefits. When Wall Street greed and recklessness caused working people to lose billions in retirement savings, Social Security was there paying full benefits.
Despite its success, Social Security faces an unprecedented attack from Wall Street, the Republican Party and a few Democrats. If the American people are not prepared to fight back, the dismantling of Social Security could begin in the very near future.

Sign Senator Bernie Sanders Petition to Defend Social Security

Last month Senator Sanders had a petition to remove the cap on Social Security payments. Individuals presently only pay Social Security on the first 106,800 dollars of income they earn. Scrap the Cap, his petition garnered over 200,000 signatures in no time and has already been delivered to the White House.  By removing the cap, it would gurantee SS practically for a 100 years.

 Lyrics and credits for the video here produced by Social Security Works Washington and the Economic Opportunity Institute.

You can sign the new "Scrap the Cap" Petition here
Sen. Patty Murray: Don't cut Social Security - just "Scrap the Cap!"
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