Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Seattle, 10/8/11

I atttended the Occupy Seattle event at the Westlake Center Saturday.  Contrary to many media reports, there is no lawlessness, anarchy, unwashed bodies, Stalinists, or freaks.   What I did find was the 99%.   It was a wonderful crowd, that I felt perfectly at home with.  People, were friendly, courteous and respectful.  A good mix of elderly (that would be me), young and middle aged made up the vast crowd.  The one demographic that I felt was a little underrepresented was the middle aged folks.  Perhaps they were too busy working two jobs and raising children while fighting with banks and health insurance companies to come and protest.
I was proud to "assemble" with these Americans and "petition the government to redress our grievances."

These wonderful ladies, came with their mother who is holding the sign on the right.

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