Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Ruin a Campaign for Clean Air, a note to Mom's Clean Air Force

Check out the blog post “5 Scientists (and Dr. Oz) Make Clean Air Sense”

I received an E-mail from "Mom's Clean Air Force".  I'm all aboard with a clean air campaign but Dr. Oz?  Clumping your 5 scientists in with "Dr. Oz" throws the real scientists into question.  "Dr. Oz" has not used his authority responsibly, in the arena of apple juice  and organic/inorganic arsenic. Apple juice is the least expensive juice available in America.  18% of all American children live in poverty.  Care to guess how many disadvantaged American  children are now being denied juice because of Dr. Oz's inflammatory and misleading claims?  If you want responsible individuals to support your clean air campaign, please cite responsible sources and refrain from citing the scientific equivalent to Joseph McCarthy. 

 Apples at a market.Image via Wikipedia
Lets fight junk science wherever and whenever we find it.  
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