Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Speaker Boehner, Is SB 924, ' Anti-Abortion Trap Law' an Example of "Unnecessary Regulation from a Government that is always Micromanaging, Meddling and Manipulating?"

as Speaker Boehner recently said – job creators are paralyzed by “the constant threat of new taxes, out-of-control spending, and unnecessary regulation from a government that is always micromanaging, meddling, and manipulating.”  from Speaker Boehner's Blog
The only "unnecessary regulation from a government that is always micromanaging, meddling, and manipulating." is coming from the republicans concerning women's health.  In state after state republican legislatures are passing ridiculous laws restricting business.  In Kansas the republican legislature and the governor signed a bill, designating the actual dimensions of a janitors closet!  Speaker Boehner is designating the size of the janitors closet "micromanaging, meddling and manipulating" American business?   Speaker Boehner will you call Governor Sam Brownback (R) of Kansas and tell him to stop "paralyzing American job creators" with "unnecessary regulation"?  Will you call Governor McDonnell of Virginia and ask him to stop "micromanaging, meddling and manipulating" women's health centers?  Speaker Boehner aren't you concerned that two Republican Governors are "paralyzing job creators" in their states by "micromanaging, meddling and manipulating" American business?  Speaker Boehner, aren't you concerned that 21 businesses in the state of Virginia are at risk of closing due to Governor McDonnell's "onerous and burdensome regulations"? 

  From Naral Pro-Choice
Gov. McDonnell’s new policy is mean-spirited anti-choice politics. His hand-picked Board of Health just approved some of the worst restrictions in the entire nation that will govern all of the state’s women’s health centers that provide abortion care. These rules will single out abortion providers and subject them to onerous, non-health-related requirements that have nothing to do with serving patients, and could force health centers to shut down.
Virginia’s 21 abortion providers already adhere to strict medical standards and take the health of their clients very seriously. But the Board and the McDonnell administration were not interested in protecting women’s health.
Don’t let Virginia’s women lose the right to choose. Sign your name to the petition calling on Gov. McDonnell to end the War on Women. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia will deliver your petition during their rally, so take action now.
Ask Virginia Gov. McDonnell (R) to end the War on Women in his state
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