Monday, October 10, 2011

Hartmann: Romney Rule vs. Buffet Rule

Thom Hartmann presents a clear choice for America's future: Romney's rule or the Buffet Rule.  Shall we raise taxes on the wealthy and then invest in our future, by building infrastructure, investing in our children through education, researching and developing alternate energy sources and caring for the sick and elderly or should we give the rich even more tax breaks, to "stimulate" the economy.  Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation argues that the Apollo program had no useful spinoff's and that investing in green energy projects is a complete waste of money.   Apparently, Mr. Darling wants to keep the US dependent on oil. Is it possible the Heritage Foundation's anti-green energy bias is related to funding from the Koch Foundation?  The Heritage foundation, no progress, no investment, no research, no healthcare for all, and, of course, no taxes.
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