Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free the Press to Cover Occupy Wall Street

Almost 5,000 people have been arrested since the Occupy Wall Street movement first gained momentum in mid September.  The pace of arrests seems to be accelerating and so also is the pace of arresting journalists.  Dozens of journalists were arrested during Mayor Bloombergs crackdown in Zuccatti Park amid a media blackout.  Even journalists with NYPD issued press passes were arrested.  Not a single banker has been prosecuted for activities leading to the Financial Collapse, but 5000 people have been arrested protesting the activities of wall street.  Thousands of police officers have been deployed across the country to disrupt and tear down Occupy Wall Street encampments.  Zero police officers have been called to arrest any bankers in the over 5000 illegal home foreclosures on active-duty US service members.  The press is not an enemy unless you are trying to hide the truth.  So US mayors are you trying to hide the truth from the public?

Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of the U.S. Conference Of Mayors:
You must publicly commit to defending press freedom in your city and protecting the First Amendment.
Please drop all charges against journalists covering the Occupy Wall Street protests and put an immediate stop to all forms of press suppression.
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